Meet in the Middle Cigar

Buy cigars from Stateline Cigar and smoke along with LeeMack912, Hyacinth Lapanatela and Mark on Sunday nights at 7:00pm Eastern Time. MITMCIGAR The Meet in the Middle Cigar Show is the longest-running cigar show on YouTube.

Stateline Cigar is the one-stop-shop and the official sponsor for MITMCIGAR. We’re proud to announce that the following cigars are available for you to enjoy and will be reviewed every Sunday by the MITMCIGAR team.

To celebrate our collaboration and present our appreciation to the viewers, each pack comes with a complimentary lighter, cutter and other cigar accessories.

The “Meet in the Middle” Cigar Show (MITMCIGAR) is a combination of a cigar review and a cigar herf. Each week three presenters, Leander, Hyacinth and Mark review one cigar in an episode with three fifteen-minute segments. Shows are uploaded to YouTube on Sundays at 7pm Eastern.